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An online geospatial data platform, uniquely tailored to the electrical utility industry's needs. Provides utility companies with the tools to import, visualize, annotate and create reports from a wide variety of data types and sources.

Geo-Namer 002.jpg


This software is a map based GUI designed to efficiently and accurately rename thousands of geo-tagged inspections images according to KMZ placemark files which can easily be derived from a utility GIS database.

thermo map h20t.png


UNDER CONSTRUCTION! This software will be a map based GUI designed to efficiently and accurately stich large numbers of geo-tagged mapping images into a non-orthorectified mosaic for inspection of flat and/or low texture surfaces such as roofs.

LiDAR Trajectory 003.jpg

LiDAR Trajectory

This software is a drag and drop interface designed to convert the trajcetory file of Green Valley LiDAR systems into a 2d or 3d trajectory KMZ for viewing in Google Earth software.

Thermal Batch 003.jpg


UNDER CONSTRUCTION! A GUI interface that allows batch calibration of radiometric FLIR drone imagery for consistent inspections, visualizations and ortho-mosaics.

DJI to FLIR 002.jpg


This software was designed to convert images taken with the new proprietary DJI radiometric format from cameras like the H20T, to the more common FLIR format for processing in FLIR tools and FLIR Thermal Studio Pro software.

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