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Experienced in multiple genres of photography and editing software, Wiggins Tech offers a variety of photo packages to meet your specific needs. Whether you are looking to capture your subject matter in the traditional manner, or you are hoping to get a "higher perspective" with our photography drone's capabilities, the sky is the limit to whatever creative heights you have in mind. Contact us today and let's discuss your ideas! 

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Made something awesome you want to show off? Have products or services you want to advertise? Let us know how you would like to put yourself out there, and we will do our best to help put you in the best light possible so you can keep up in the competitive market place.   


life comes at you fast sometimes, and when the big moment comes, you have only one chance to capture that Kodak moment. If you have an event you want to memorialize, whether it is a sporting event, a birthday party, or you just want to show off your mad skills, let's discuss how we can make time stop with the click of a button and get that pic that will go down in history. 


Potential home buyers are swarming online, searching for that "dream home." So many to choose from. Want to make yours stand out from the crowd? We can help your home stand out among the rest with a welcoming artistic photo package that highlights the best qualities of your real estate, without being another one of those last-second-cell-phone-picture-homes that are flooding the internet.


Looking for a professional profile picture for your business website? Or perhaps it's time for a group photo to welcome the newest member of your family. Or maybe you are going to a social event and want to capture the candid smiles of the people you love on camera. Whatever you have in mind, we offer portraits as well.   

APPLICATIONS: ~Real Estate ~Family Photos ~Action ~Weddings ~Macros ~Landscapes ~Marketing
~Other Applications are available- Please Contact Us

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