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Our drone systems, high accuracy sensors, custom data processing software and experience can assist utility companies with their inspection programs. We offer optical, thermal and LiDAR utility inspections for wild fire mitigation, vegetation management, safety, NESC compliance, GIS audits and more...

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We offer high quality mapping services, utilizing advanced Optical and Lidar and Thermal sensors in combination with RTK/PPK corrections and ground control, we can provide you with precise measurements and location positioning. With our commitment to quality and professional standards, you won't be disappointed.



Drones can inspect solar farms for faulty cells and other problems much more efficiently than a ground crew can. We offer optical/thermal solar panel inspections and can provide raw data to engineering companies or full reports geo locating problems on the map for you.

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We are experienced in multiple genres of photography and we specialize in Real-Estate photography. Wiggins Tech offers a variety of photo packages for standard images, touchups, HDR and composition editing to meet your specific needs. Whether you are looking to capture your subject matter in the traditional manner, or you are hoping to get a "higher perspective" with our photography drone's capabilities, we can help.

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We are experienced in putting together videos of multiple genres, from action, to interviews, to real estate and more. We love what we do and everything we put our hands to, we strive to do our best to tell the stories that need to be told. We offer our experience, our equipment, and our creative vision to produce the video you envision.

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​When emergencies strike, fast and reliable intel can help save lives. During an emergency, Wiggins Tech can provide valuable intel using our sophisticated drone technology including telescopic optical, radiometric thermal, laser ranging and geo-tagging. So please don't waste precious time when every second counts, we are prepared to help and are only a phone call away.

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