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About Wiggins Tech

 We are a family owned and operated commercial drone services company located in Central Oregon. We specialize in inspection and mapping services for the electrical utility industry. We value God and country as well honesty, integrity, hard work and we strive to maintain a quality relationship with all of our clients. Here at Wiggins Tech we offer a wide range of drone services including pole inspections, vegetation inspections, NESC inspections, joint use inspections, mapping services, LiDAR engineering surveys, photogrammetry, photography and videography. We have some of the most technologically advanced UAV equipment on the market, including high resolution telescopic optical lenses, radiometric thermal cameras, LiDAR and more! Whatever your requirements, we have the experience and equipment necessary to accomplish your drone mission with character you can count on. 

Naomi Wiggins:


Joe Wiggins:

~General Manager

William Wiggins:

~Chief Executive Officer

John Wiggins:

~Operations Manager

AMY Wiggins:


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