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This is not your ordinary electric bike!
Professionally manufactured in the USA by Wiggins Tech with a 12 month limited warranty from the date of purchase.

This ebike has the capability of producing over 10x the power of the average electric bike! It is a full suspension high power electric bike with some of the highest performance available for its class. It has one of the largest hub motors available. It has one of the highest performance ebike motor controllers available. It has a regenerative and hydraulic braking system with twin rotors in the front. It has a display computer that is capable of advanced diagnostics, motor timing, performance adjustments, range governing, bms cell graphing and tuning and more! This bike has 3 programmable power profiles; Eco, Normal and Boost. Eco will take you up to 100 mile range and is street legal. Normal mode can be programmed to the extent of what is legal in your area and give you good mixture of long range and spunky performance. Boost mode is an off road mode that unleashes the full power of over 10,000 watts which is enough to lift the front of the bike off the ground at the twist of your fingers! 

Frame: Vector Typhoon
Front Rim: Pro wheel Racing 19x1.85
Rear Rim: Pro wheel Racing 19x1.85
Front Tire: Shinko 19x2.75 Trial Tire
Rear Tire: Shinko 19x2.75 Trial Tire
Front Suspension: DNM Volcano 200mm DH
Rear Suspension: DNM Burner 550lb
Front brakes: Tektro Dorado e-twin hydraulic 203mm
Rear brakes: Tektro Dorado hydraulic 203mm
Regenerative brakes: adjustable current
Throttle: Half twist with ignition key and LED voltage display
Display: Adaptto display (backlit)
Motor: Cromotor V3
Controller: Adaptto Max-E 
Batteries: Lithium 20s, 72-85v, 30ah (2160whr)
Charger: 240w max with 30A charge coil (1000w available)
Headlights: Twin LED 1000L (2000L total)
Color: Custom powder coated Illusion Malbec and black

Maximum voltage: 85.4v
Maximum battery current: 200A
Maximum controller current: 200A
Maximum breaker current: 100A
Maximum peak wattage: 10,000+

Let us know if you have any questions or if you would like to place a custom order!


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