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Not your ordinary ebike!

With over 10,000w of peak power capability, the TYPHOON is one of the highest performance electric bikes on the market with over 10x the power output of the average eBike! It is rated for up to 50mph but has been clocked at even higher speeds when unlocked!! It also has lots of torque for acceleration and hill climbing ability. Additionally, it can take you up to or even exceeding an amazing 100 mile range in optimal conditions!


The TYPHOON has a computerized control system that monitors speed, range, battery status, motor performance, temperatures, power usage and more! The computer is designed to keep the TYPHOON running at its peak performance and let you enjoy the ride while it manages all of the complex systems. Furthermore, the TYPHOON has two programmable power profiles; Eco and Boost (AKA "Gentle Mode" and "Beast Mode"). Eco will take you up to 100 mile range and is street legal and can be programmed to the extent of what is legal in your area. Boost mode is an off road mode that unleashes the full power of over 10,000 watts which is enough to lift the front of the bike off the ground at the twist of your fingers!

manufactured in the USA!

The TYPHOON is professionally made by Wiggins Tech in the USA! We strive to build quality high performance eBikes and the TYPHOON is our flagship eBike that we build to perform for you. As such, all of our new TYPHOONs come with a 12 month limited warranty from the date of purchase to ensure that you have the same confidence in them that we do...


The TYPHOON has one of the most powerful hub motors available for eBikes, so let's face it, as awesome as it is to feel that kind of power under you, it's just as important if not more important to have the same or even more power to stop this beast. Not only have we installed front and rear 203mm rotor hydraulic brakes on the the TYPHOON, but we have also installed a high power regenerative braking system. Typical breaks convert your kinetic energy into waste heat, but regenerative brakes convert your kinetic energy into electricity that gets stored in your battery for later use. So after you pour the juice into the motor climbing that hill you've always dreaded, you'll be able to recover much of that energy on the way back down the hill for longer range!  

Smooth riding Suspension...

The TYPHOON is designed to be powerful but it's also designed to be comfortable. That's why we've loaded it with with high quality long stroke DNM suspension. The TYPHOON comes with DNM VOLCANO USD-8 suspension on the front and a DNM BURNER on the rear. The front and rear suspension have a combination of Rebound / Compression / Preload / & High Pressure adjustments so that you can customize the feel and handling of your ride.



Frame: Vector Typhoon
Front Rim: 26 DH (opt. Moto)
Rear Rim: Moto Wheel
Front Tire: Maxxis 26" (Opt. Moto)
Rear Tire: Moto Trial Tire
Front Suspension: DNM Volcano USD-8
Rear Suspension: DNM Burner RCP-3
Primary Brakes: 203mm Hydraulic (Tektro/Shimano)
Regenerative brakes: Adjustable Current
Throttle: Half twist with ignition key and LED voltage display
Motor: Cromotor QS-V3
Controller: Brushless Sinewave 300A 72v
Batteries: Lithium 20s, 72-85v, 20ah 1440whr (Opt. 30ah 2,160whr)
Charger: 240w max (Opt. 1000w)
Headlights: (Opt. Twin LED 2000L total)
Color: Black (Opt. Custom Color)

Maximum Voltage: 85.4v
Maximum Battery Current: 150A
Maximum Controller current: 300A
Maximum Peak wattage: 10,000+

Maximum Speed: 50mph (software locked)

Maximum Unlocked Speed: 60mph

Maximum Range: 100+ miles (Eco Mode)


Weight: 100-130lbs

Payload: 220lbs (300lbs with rear suspension upgrade)

Wheelbase: 50"

Handlebar: 31.8mm

Seatpost: 31.6mm

Pedal Ratio: 32:16


Base Price: $5,999

20s 42ah LiPo Upgrade: $499
Front Moto Wheel Upgrade: $299
Custom Color Frame and Rims: $199

Hot Rod Cooling System: $199
Custom Color Bash guard, handlebars, pedals: $149
Hi Speed Charger Upgrade (1000w): $149
LED Headlights Upgrade: $99

Upgraded Suspension (750lb): $40
LED Tail Light/Turn Signal Upgrade: $99
Aluminum Jones H Bar Upgrade: $75
Moto Seat + Bike Seat Upgrade: $99
KMC Kool Night Chain Upgrade: $35

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